“When I tell people that I go to a boot camp class, their eyes usually bug out of their head because they picture an ex-military member barking out orders to do more pushups or run faster. The boot camp classes at Greg’s Fitness are anything but intimidating; they’re awesome! I’ve been a member for almost 2 years and I look forward to each and every class, not only because of the way I feel after each class, but because of the people who push you to get better each class, whether it’s the instructors or fellow campers. It’s impossible to be bored with the workouts because every day is a completely different experience than the day before: a different workout, different exercises, different instructors, and different music. No matter what your fitness level, YOU can complete a class. After I joined, my sister joined, and now my parents go to class. I’ve recommended the classes to a bunch of people and a few have tried it out. If you give it a shot, I promise you won’t be disappointed.”
~ Sara Fiore


Boot Camp Video


“For my entire adult life I fluctuated between 175 and 200 lbs. I tried every fad diet out there, would lose 10-20 lbs. then put it right back on once I stopped. At the age of 34, I had finally had enough. I did my last fad diet and dropped from 182 to 152 lbs in 2011. I was determined not to go back to the way I was, when a friend suggested going to a fitness bootcamp she had started. I decided to give it a try, since exercise was something I was never into. Big chain gyms always intimidated me. I never knew how to use the equipment, and couldn’t justify spending the money on a membership to just use their treadmills.

My first class at Greg’s Bootcamps was tough, but in a good way. I had done exercises I had never done before, and I was so sore the first week, I knew it was working! At the end of my first class I was ready to sign-up. Alicia was so passionate speaking about the program, and everyone was so welcoming and helpful when I was learning the new exercises, that I never felt out of place, or intimidated. Now a year later, not only am I in the best shape of my life, but I have changed my nutrition, following guidelines Greg sent to me my first week in bootcamp, and I have dropped an additional 10 lbs and 2 sizes!

I now work with Greg’s Fitness Bootcamps as a coach. I never thought I would ever work in the fitness field, but since joining the team, I have discovered a new found love of helping others to strive towards their health and fitness goals!

I have finally found the balance between nutrition and exercise, and I can say for certain that I will never go back to the weight I used to be.

Thank you Greg and Alicia, you truly have changed my life forever!

~ Gloria


“I have been a member of Gregs bootcamp for a little over 3 years now. I’ve lost 75 pounds and a love of working out. People that know me know that is a very broad statement for me. But Gregs classes are unlike any other and believe me I hav e tried a lot. The classes are always different and everyone works at their own pace. But with that said, the instructors know when to push us a little bit so we get the most from every workout. Everyone is so supportive, friendly, and motivating and there is a definite cameraderie amongst all the campers. I recommend Gregs bootcamp to everyone. It’s the best decision I have ever made concerning my health and fitness.”
~ Cindy Kaiser, Boot Camper of 3+ years


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“I started out with Greg 3 years ago this month (August 2012) at 182 pounds and during the first class thought I would never make it through. By the end I was energized, motivated to do more, and absolutely hooked on boot camp classes. I was definitely intimidated walking through the doors but quickly found out that the atmosphere was infectious and the people were friendly and willing to help me – not only Greg himself but all of the other boot campers. I have been to gyms my entire life and had lost and gained the weight back many times but over the past 3 years, have continually lost weight, set new goals, met those goals and now have new ones. I am proud to say that I am down to 130 pounds and it is no longer about the weight – but more about the way I feel. I have more energy that carries over into my daily activities and I actually have a desire to do more outside of class. The classes are always different, each exercise has a regression if it’s too difficult to perform and they also have progressions to work towards as well. Greg walks the walk and doesn’t just talk the talk – he and his staff make themselves available to answer any questions and are truly concerned and motivated to help each person attain their goals. They offer an orientation at the start so you get an idea of what the classes are all about and you feel comfortable when starting and even offer to have you work with a seasoned camper to help you though your first few classes. It feels as if the trainer is there to work just with you – assisting with proper form to make sure you’re getting the most out of each session and pushing us to work harder when things get easy. They truly give so much more than a typical gym and after 3 years, I still feel like I matter and am not just another face in the crowd. Greg’s slogan is “Work Hard, Train Consistently and Get Results” and this is what I and so many others have done, are doing now and will continue to do. I cannot imagine exercise not being a part of my life! Try it out – you will not be disappointed.”
~ Alicia Malay


“Greg’s Fitness is awesome. The classes are great, perfect for every fitness level. There are about 20 classes to choose from if you have a busy schedule – every class is different and challenging. The trainers and coaches are very knowledgable and approachable. I have been a camper for over a year and love every minute of it”
~ Soheir Krauss