Motivation, Goal Setting, and the Ah Ha Moment

Motivation…It seems to be one of those things that come and go, week to week, and day to day. Its in our daily lives, goals, future, you name it. Without motivation it would be hard for many of us to accomplish what we want and be persistant at accomplishing those things. Motivation IS what drives us to be successful, no doubt about it. Motivation is the #1 most important detail when trying to do anything.

Think about how hard it is to do something because someone tells you its good, without the motivation. The doc says that you better start exercising. That’s all good but if you aren’t motivated to make such a change do you really think its going to happen? AND how long can you really stick with it? Thus, change really won’t happen until we are motivated.

I find motivation and the concept of motivation very interesting and unique. What we are most motivated about is what we always want to be doing and what we will give top priority to. Our motivation can and will change over time and what used to motivate us may or may not any more, so we need to find new ways and new sources of motivation.

Those sources can come in the way of the people you surround your self with, personal goals, aspiring to grow and better yourself, etc.. Make sure that you are surrounded by people with potentially the same goals. Sometimes we see new clients get started that may not be super motivated, but they come back, again, and again, and again. Then all of a sudden its no longer a struggle to come, they are smiling, they are getting results, and they are motivated!! It wasn’t the exercise or the new workout it IS the people around them, YOU, that motivates others whether you know it or not. Over time they then start to set goals and are motivated by the goals and what is possible.

As a coach its one of the most amazing experiences to see clients go through and when it happens, its pretty special 🙂 This is also one of those AH HA moments.

Sooooo, lets get motivated. You found the right program and the right people. You love going to your facility to workout. You have seen results but you know there must be more to this, and there is. It’s now time to set goals and goal setting in itself is in fact motivation to work hard because its directly tied to an end result.

The first thing you should do is pick a long-term goal about 6-12 months away. I started back competing this year, actually Jan. 3 2014 was my first day back training. The day I stepped into the gym I knew I was in the right place again. I set a goal that day that in one year I would be back to where I was when I left 4 years ago. Its a goal that has stayed with me and motivates me to train and do all the little things outside of the training hall.

After setting a long-term goal then its time to set small incremental goals, usually every 2-months. These are of the UTMOST importance because without these you will never know if you are on track, ahead of time, or need more time. After I set my long goal I than sat down and wrote out exactly where I needed to be with my lifts at the end of every two months. This gives me a direct timeline as to what needs to be done to achieve my long-term goal.

This type of motivation is what has driven me the last year and I hope that by using this you can also increase your own motivation. This same type of goal setting can be done with weight loss, running, and anything that you can put direct numbers too.

If you have a long-term goal I would LOVE to hear it and how you will accomplish it.


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