Lose Belly Fat With These 5 Tips

1. Avoid sugar as much as possible, of course we are talking about refined sugar here, not fruits ­čÖé This includes but is not limited to cookies, sugary cereals, cakes, ice cream, and the dreaded liquid sugar (sodas and most sports drinks). Avoiding these types of foods or restricting them within your diet can prove to be a successful way to shed the pounds and belly fat. No good comes from eating these sugars and in fact its been shown that as you eat more sugar you can┬ábecome almost addicted to it!!

Goal: Start small and work your way up, eliminate 10-20g of sugar each day and work from there eliminating more sugar every week or two.

2. Try taking more walks to supplement your strength and cardio program. No doubt I am an advocate for high intensity cardio and metabolic strength training. At the end of the day the harder and more intense you workout the more calories you will burn which leads to fat lose. Try adding in 1-2 days/week of 20-30 minutes of walking to aid in belly fat lose. Walking typically burns more stored fat, especially if you can do in a fasted state.

Goal: Add a day or two of walking the dog or add in a few 10 minute bouts at work, especially before lunch. The best part is that you really won’t sweat either and can get right back to work.

3. Low Carb, High Protein, Moderate Fats= FAT LOSS. More times than not we consume to many carbs and fats, not enough protein, and don’t exercise enough to burn off the carbohydrates. A low carb diet is not a fad but a proven healthy lifestyle. Think about, if we kick out the breads, pastas, rice, cereals, and the above mentioned sugars whats left: fruits and veggies thus making our daily consumption of food lower in carbs and healthier by default.

Goal: Figure out how many carbs you eat each day. Then start to take out the “bad” carbs slowly.

4. Make sure to eat 4-6 meals/day. Whether you eat one meal of 1800 calories or spread that over the day it doesn’t really matter, you still eat it. What does matter is that multiple, small meals, tend to leave us satisfied and often prevent cravings of sugars and salty foods which is most important.

5. When you perform your strength training try to do 90% of it either standing or supporting your bodyweight, such as a pushup or plank. Sitting on a bench or using a machine burns rough 30% less calories. Oh yeah, this should go without saying but between sets DO NOT sit down. When you use a machine or sit on a bench you are much more likely tto remain seated vs standing.


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