Instant Ways to Boost Your Health and Live Happier

Boost your health, be happier, probably gonna live longer, that sounds pretty good huh? Here you go, enjoy:

1. Laugh- Laugh at least once a day, I think I laugh way more. Its good for you and makes us feel good. Ever spend too much time around some that complains all the time no fun. Get next to the person that cracks jokes once in a while

2. Stretch- Its like therapy for your muscles. It takes 5-minutes and your muscles will thank you the next day. It makes us feel good when we are done too.

3. Wash Your Hands- I know we have lots of teachers in our program and mine always used to remind us to wash our hands, FREQUENTLY (my wife reminds me too 🙂 Germs are everywhere, wash em up and get sick less.

4. Envision Good Thoughts For Sleep– If you can’t sleep or are stressed out try imagine yourself in your picture perfect vacation over and over again. It will soothe your mind and help you to fall asleep.

5. Get A Massage- Get a massage!! Its relaxing and good for you. Can’t get a massge then ask your significant other OR just foam roll it out.

6. Take  A Multivitamin- Just take a multivitamin to ensure that you are getting in all the neccessary vitamins and minerals.

7. Walk– This is not an exercise walk just a relaxing walk for 5-10 minutes to clear your head and start fresh. Too many times we get caught up at the computer for hours only to suffer what I call “brain fog”. Walk for five and then re-start for a clearer head.

8. Get Outside- Being outside provides a sense of well-being and relaxation. Get outside and do soemthing, even work 😉

9. Be Optimistic– Don’t always assume the worse, better yet be optimistic about events and confrontations. Many times we assume the worst, when really it doesn’t have to be. Be optimistic and be happy.

10. Focus on Experiences– Focus on the experiences that you have and who you are with rather than what you may or may not be doing. Who you are with is more important than what you do.

11. Be A Kid- Everything we do is so structured at work, home, travel, etc… Be a kid and goof off once in a while. Get away from the schedule and let loose. It will do you good and de-stress you even if only during that time.

12. Be Silent– When was the last time it was just…quite??? Probably not too often. If you can take 60s and just sit and chill in silence, reflect and know that you are probably living a great life. Let the body and mind relax.

13. Hike- Let’s see, exercise + outdoors + experience= a lot of fun and healthy living 😉 Seriously, hiking is one of the best ways to enjoy life, de-stress, get some sun, and appreciate everything that is not on a computer, TV screen, phone or I-Pad

14. Grudges Be Gone- You know what’s the worst feeling in the world, holding a grudge against someone that you think about all the time that literally makes a knot in your stomach. Its terrible and we all do it at some point. Let it go or deal with it face to face. There is nothing worse than waiting a week to deal with an issue, DEAL WITH IT TODAY!!

15 Eat A Sweet- I know, I know it goes against everything we ever taught a client EVER. Not exactly, indulging once in a while is not only healthy is down right good for you. Eat some sweets every now and again as it releases dopamine from the brain, makes you feel good, and prevents weekend food binges.

16. Sleep- Wanna really live longer AND actually be happier, make sure to sleep at least 7 hrs a night. Lack of sleep causes brain fog, unhappy people, and usually leads to bad decision making.


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