Fast Track To Success or Hot Water

Its a fact, most diets fail or are unsustainable in the long run!! Its a fact, people that opt for a lifestyle change for the long run are more successful than those who opt for a quick fix diet. Not every plan works out and we are giving you 5 surefire warning signs to know if your diet and lifestyle changes are on the fast track to success or in hot water.

1. You make the decision to go on a diet or change your eating/nutrition for the better. The warning sign that you might risk failing: You make every change in 24hrs!! Think about it this way, would you go out tomorrow and play sports professionally without years of experience and practice? The first day or two might seem great but then reality hits and we realize we are sore, tired, and miserable. Doing it all in 24 hours because we are excited is the same deal. In a week or so reality hits for most people and we realize that this HUGE change is not sustainable. Instead opt to make a small change every week to slowly but surely achieve success.

2. You start to cut back on portions to reduce calories. The warning sign: you are always hungry because you went too far in the opposite direction. Cutting calories in half is a recipe for a very hungry and cranky person, when you do it all at once. If you are cutting calories first thing is first, track what you are eating and then start to cut calories by 100-200, stay with that for a 7-10 days and see how you feel. Don’t cut out 1000 calories all at one go as this can backfire on you and in the end cause more harm then good.

3. You increase your veggies, fruits, and protein and cut out sweets and bad carbs. The warning sign that you may not be doing it right: you are constantly craving sweets and salt everyday, all day. If you used to eating sweats everyday then a more practical solution would be to cut out sweats every other day for 2-weeks and build on that. Cravings are horrible and often lead to overeating and indulging later on.

4. Sometimes we begin or increase or exercise routine to burn more calories and lose weight. The warning sign: your only reason for exercising is so that you can maintain what you eat. This is more typically the person who doesn’t want to change what they eat or thinks that if they just do more exercise it will equal out or create a caloric deficiet. Sometimes it will, but most times it won’t. We MUST combne exercise and nutrition together. Nutrition is and always will be the make or break between losing, maintaining, and gaining weight.

5. You find a coach, support group, or nutritionist to help you out and get you results. Warning sign: You don’t really know why you hired them and you think that just because you are paying soemone means you will get results. I know this sounds odd but think about it. Say someone hires a trainer to coach them and work with them on exercise. They tell you to do 2 days of strength and 3 days of cardio. Just because you hired that person doesn’t mean weight loss all of a sudden happens. YOU still have to put the time and effort in to make it happen. Trainers and nutritionists can only show you the way, YOU must make it happen.

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