7 Tips To Be INSANELY Strong

– WE will NEVER be strong enough and no one will ever convince me otherwise. There will never be a time when I say I am strong enough because when that happens it means motivation is lost.

– You can gain INSANE strength without an INSANE gain in size. Yes, some size will come with all strength gains, but fearing the idea of looking like a bodybuilder is not valid for 99% of people working out in the gym. So, don’t fear heavy weights!!

– As you increase strength, you increase lean body mass making us look better and more defined.

Time to get strong:

1. You must look at each session as a way to make progress and fight for progress at every session. An extra rep here and there goes a long way. Being content with your weights is a sign that you are NOT getting stronger. Fight for progress

2. If you want to be strong and lean you have to eat that way. No one is getting stronger and leaner and polishing off a sleeve of Oreo’s. We must eat lean: chicken, veggies, protein, fruit, eggs, fish, etc…

3. You must be willing to train around injuries and “tweaks”. We all get what I call an “exercise tweak”, it’s when you did something, even with good form and some part of your body hurts or just feels off the next few days. Its not an injury, it’s a tweak and you need to know how to train around this so you don’t make it worse and you continue to make progress.

4. You must be willing to do what others are not willing to do to make insane progress. This means not missing ANY sessions, stretching and recovering on off days, and eating right. It all matters in the end!!

5. Know that numbers mean nothing. Just because you have not done it before doesn’t mean that you can’t until you try. I have never done (input anything here) but you can try with the correct program. Just because you never ran a 5K in under 20 minutes, never used a 70lb kettlebell in squats, or never lost those last 5lbs doesn’t mean that you can’t. It just means that you haven’t been on the right program, haven’t worked hard enough, or just need more time.

6. You must be passionate about being strong. PASSION DRIVES SUCCESS. No super successful person ever got there because they hated what they did. They fought each day to get their because they had passion and being strong is no different.

7. This is probably my favorite. Realize that there is no reason not to hit your goals, JUST EXCUSES. With the exception of some sort of serious injury or illness there is no reason not to hit your goals over time as long as they are reasonable. How many times have we said we are too busy, too tired, something better to do, etc…. ALL excuses no matter how valid they may or may not be at the moment.


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