If you answered yes and are frustrated with what you see in the mirror it is time to start… A No-Nonsense, Fat-Burning, Body Sculpting Workout!!
If you are looking to get into the best shape of your life while having the best time of your life, then you are ready for Greg’s Premier Bootcamp, the most effective fat-loss program in Morris County. A challenging workout that is EFFECTIVE yet NEVER BORING.







If you are ready for a fun, energetic, motivating workout, then Greg’s Morris County Boot Camp is for you.
circle_starDo you need to be held accountable for your workouts?
circle_starDo you workout for months on end without the results you expected?
circle_starDo you feel you are unsure of how to use gym machines, that probably won’t get you the results you wanted anyway?
circle_starDo you work out but don’t know if what you are doing is correct or even enough to get results?



Stop wasting money on gyms, classes, and personal training sessions that flat out don’t work!! Why you ask don’t gyms, classes, and personal training work? Well, let me tell you. When you sign up for a gym you are often forced to sign up for a one year period.Then once they have your money you are left to yourself to figure out the machines and how to get a good workout. With Greg’s Morris County Boot Camp all the workouts are ready to go and you will get instructions on what muscles are being worked and how to correctly perform each exercise. Exercise classes are just that, a class, they are not a results driven workout. Many classes only focus on one aspect of fitness. Greg’s Morris County Boot Camp combines strength training, effective interval cardio, and flexibility to give you the all in one workout.Lastly, while personal training is your best option, it can be very expensive. Personal training can also become repetitive over time utilizing the same exercises and lacking in energy with only one person to motivate you. You will never repeat the exact same workout twice and because you are in a group setting you will have more energy, motivation, and reap the benefits of better results compared with personal training, not to mention the incredible price!!


“I have been a client with Greg’es Fitness for 3 years and I absolutely love his classes! I would not go anywhere else. Each class is a challenge, never boring and the coaches and trainers are always there to give tips and encouragement. They are truly wonderful people to work out with. I have never felt better, besides having muscle tone, I feel stronger, have tons more energy, my memory has improved and I sleep like a baby. The class atmosphere is great, everyone works hard and we all help motivate each other during the workouts and I have met some great people in class.”
~ Rosemary Marshall, 400+ classes


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Talk of Greg’s Boot Camp classes spread through my town rather quickly. When I received an email with a link to his website, I reacted immediately. Just by reading through the success stories and the general class description, I knew this was the program for me.
I began in June and was hooked after the first week of my free trial. My normal exercise routine usually consisted of a daily 3 to 5 mile run. Greg’s class was a whole different ball game for me! The mix of cardio exercise and strength training was all new to me. Greg presents a challenging work out each time using weights and resistance bands . What I liked the best from the start was that each class I attended was different. The one thing I can count on each time is an intense and vigorous work out. The time passes so quickly and I leave there feeling energized every time. I’ve been working muscles that I didn’t even know existed. I’ve set goals for myself for weight loss and toning and I know that with Greg’s help I will reach those goals in no time! I already see a huge difference in the way my clothes fit and the energy that I have on a daily basis. Plus, I’ve already graduated from 5 lb weights to 8 lb weights which was a big step for me.
It’s always been hard for me to stick to a regular routine outside of running because of my busy schedule with work and my two sons. Greg’s class has been such a positive change in my life that I don’t let anything interfere with my Tuesday and Thursday classes with him.
~ Patty; Cedar Knolls, NJ


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1. What keeps you coming back to class?
Unbelievable results; the great people; the different equipment and different exercises.2. What do you like best?
Constantly switching it up – lots of variety in exercises and classes. I never get bored! I love that Greg is always changing it up. And I am always sore and feeling it so I know I am getting a great workout.3. Favorite exercise?
I love the ladder drills!!
Least favorite?
push press – really kills my shoulders.4. Slogan/mantra: Move it or lose it!5. Favorite Boot Camp Memory?
At the community center – running in the parking lot at Hanover Rec Center. We looked like crazy people running at 6 a.m. in the parking lot.
6. Goals?
Originally – to try something different. My goals have changed – to be able to push myself to use heavier weights or to go faster. To just push myself and to constantly challenge myself. Another new goal: to work at Greg’s Fitness and become part of the coaching team.7. Advice to new campers?
Keep on truckin’! You may feel like you can’t do it, but one day you will pass that plateau and feel great and learn to love it! This is truly the greatest gift you can give yourself and there is no comparison to that feeling you get after a great class.

8. What do you do out of class?
Ice skating – both as a skate guard at Mennen and also part of the synchronized skate team called “Precisely Right.” And I also get another kind of workout by chasing my two kids around.
~ Christina Padilla, 400+ classes



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Boot Camp Workouts are guaranteed to give you better results in less time. Check out some of the other benefits that Boot Camp Workouts provide:
Increased Strength and a Sculpted Body
Personal Exercise Instruction for Perfect Form
Lose Weight and Inches in Only a Matter of Weeks
Lose the Jiggle and Get a Firm, Tight Body
Improved Core, Abs, and Low Back Strength
Burn up to 600 calories an hour
Get All Your Exercise Done In Only 45 minutes
Alleviate The Boredom of “Gym Training”
Build Confidence by Working Out With Other People